What is Eggs vs Humans?

A few years ago, I stumbled upon a set of games that seemed simple enough. You build soldiers, they walk over to the other side and bash enemies. They do the same to you. Games like Age of War. Warlords. Civilization: A Tale of the Cities (in the Dark Ages when I had a Blackberry.)

They were all enjoyable enough, but eventually, my brain started churning and wondered, “Hey, why can’t I do something like that?”

Eggs vs Humans 1 was born:

EvH1 screen shot

In keeping with the theme of my blog, the war raged between Eggs and Humans, who wanted to consume each other in delicious recipes. (They originally liked each other, but the gods got bored and cursed them.)

Eventually, I posted a working game. Far from perfect? Sure. Fun enough so some people enjoyed it? Definitely. You can try it for yourself over on Kongregate.

But there’s no reason it can’t be even better. Thus the sequel!