Version 0.1.1 ready!

Downloadable Windows version

Web version (Won’t work on Chrome or Edge. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera should be OK.)

This version has two main changes:

1. The Cheese Grater and Egg Carton are now available.

The Eggs get the Egg Carton. It doesn’t attack, but eventually spawns four Unstable Fodder instead. Unstable Fodder are weaker Cannon Fodder that can’t be controlled and cost no supply. They will also take damage from friendly Eggsplosions.

Egg Cartons won’t be the backbone of an army. Instead, they will let you temporarily make your army larger than normal. You’d train 8 or 9 troops, then train an Egg Carton. Once the Egg Carton spawns, quickly train another replacement unit. You’ll essentially have a full army plus 4 Unstable Fodder, giving you a temporary strength advantage.

Egg Cartons let you get more units than normally allowed!

Egg Cartons let you get more units than normally allowed!

The Humans can create the Cheese Grater. It’s a large, armored unit that doesn’t attack, but deals retaliation damage to melee attackers. The upgrade allows it to ram walls, which increases the pressure on the enemy to deal with them quickly. There is a bug where the Cheese Grater doesn’t always deal its retaliation damage.

Graters are "grate" against Bacon Knights. Upgraded, they act like a battering ram.

Graters are “grate” against Bacon Knights. Upgraded, they act like a battering ram.

Both units have received a bit of a graphical facelift, although I’m still not happy about the Egg Carton’s walking movement.

2. One of the potential replacements for the espionage system is in. Instead of new commands, the Scouting bonus will help construct Guild buildings faster. They will increase guild bonuses (although only applied to the Thieves’ Guild so far).

There are 3 guilds:

The Sappers’ Guild increases damage tunneling troops do. This is intended to give a tunneling player a greater chance of winning a base race against a non-tunneling player. The idea is that the tunneling player can force the non-tunneling player to commit a unit on defense.
The Thieves’ Guild steals gems from the opponent. This is a passive effect. The building is for someone who wants to play a longer, economic game.
The Assassins’ Guild increases the power of your troops’ stun and poison attacks.

3. Lesser changes:

  • Various UI fixes and updates.
  • The Normal AI now favors buildings based on its personality rather than merely selecting a random building.

What’s next?

Sooner, rather than later, need to deal with the architecture changes mentioned in the last post.

The first part will be decoupling the UI & GameObjects from the game state. Instead of the units on the screen being used for the actual game state, they will simply be the visual representation of what’s going on.

After, will finish the final couple tier 2 units.

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