Version 0.1 Ready!

At long last, first Unity build is up! There’s both a web version and a downloadable Windows version.

The web version won’t work on Chrome or Edge. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera are all supposed to be OK.

To keep v0.1 as your very own, download it!

Brown vs Yellow Boxers duke it out in honor of v0.1!

Brown vs Yellow Boxers duke it out in honor of v0.1!

Not all the features from the old Flash version are in yet, but working on them. The plan is to add two units in per week (one per side), so in one-and-a-half months, all the tier 3 units will be back in. (The Tier 4 units will probably take twice as long, so a full two months there.)

The balance of units has also changed somewhat. The roles haven’t changed any, but tier 1 on both sides feels like it’s in a real good place.

EvH balance changes since last time (LAST YEAR)

1. Couch Potatoes get “aggro”. If they are in the front line, enemies will target them first.

One problem with the Human early game is that training only Roller Bladers was really good; there was no incentive for a unit mixture. Now it actually makes sense to have at least 1 or 2 Couch Potatoes in the army, so they will take the hits, while the more fragile Roller Bladers deal damage.

While I haven’t tested in-game, according to the napkin math, an army of 9 Roller Bladers and 1 Couch Potatoes will beat 10 Roller Bladers. 8 and 2 should win if Obesity has been researched. Not sure about 7 and 3.

This adds an interesting choice in the HvH matchup…10 Roller Bladers are easier to use, and faster. Is the convenience worth it for a slightly weaker army?

2. Roller Bladers’ initial hit is slower.
3. Cannon Fodder base damage decreased from 7 to 6.

Originally, it was possible to hit-and-run with Roller Bladers against Cannon Fodder without taking any damage. This was intentional, as it gave the Human player a chance to show reflexes and awareness. But it came at the expense of the Eggish player, who had little recourse except to deal with it.

Since their Human counterparts were nerfed, Cannon Fodder needed to be weakened to maintain the balance. Roller Bladers will still win in equal numbers, just not so completely.

4. Rum Guzzlers do less damage (from 8 down to 5). In addition, the Ecobottle 2 upgrade has been replaced by Unsafety Glass. This allows the bottles to damage 3 enemies instead of 2.

As annoying as Roller Bladers could be, the power of the Rum Guzzler was even worse. It was too easy for them to destroy large clumps of enemies by sitting behind a wall or a minimal front line.

Also, the relatively long range of the second upgrade caused several problems.
a. The Rum Guzzler ended up being a better siege unit than intended, since the Cutlery Turret could not hit them.
b. They felt as strong or stronger of an anti-air unit than Eggs Benedict. Now, it feels like Eggs Benedict are an upgrade.
c. It was hard for Guzzlers to die. Now it’s easier to “kill off” Rum Guzzlers if they are no longer needed.

5. Upgraded Spoiled Brats have a modified attack timing.

The Quick Shot upgrade had a few different issues.

a. There was no benefit if the player didn’t micro. This is especially a problem since the micro benefit is not obvious, and I’m not sure how to teach the player this yet.
b. The synergy was really bad with Roller Bladers. If you optimized the Brat attack rate, the Bladers didn’t get to attack.

Now the base attack rate is increased, so there is a DPS increase without micro. But micro is still beneficial, as it will increase DPS further.

Additionally, there should be no synergy problem with Roller Bladers. They can still get off an attack while Spoiled Brats are being microed.


If you control a town while your fort is being upgraded, sometimes you can’t upgrade the town further. I believe this only happens if the town is upgrading something when the fort upgrade completes.

The AI never upgrades their towns.

I’m sure there are still occasional problems with cavern movement.

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