Update, some quick thoughts for me 2

Last Sunday, there was no new update as I did not put much time into the game. This next update will have some significant changes, including one of the new pieces of the game.

Some issues and stuff to keep an eye on:

The Eggs vs Eggs matchup: In any game, it should feel like any choices you have are genuine. It seems like the Eggs vs Eggs matchup is completely about Balloons and Rum Drinkers. It’s worth it to have a Cannon Fodder to absorb the initial volley of projectiles, and the Bacon Boxer is not worth the trouble. While the next update will partially address the Bacon’s viability, it still feels like the player is forced into Balloons and Eco-bottle upgrade immediately.

The Humans vs Humans matchup: Humans are forced to go into Flying Nuns, because that’s the only anti-air unit. Again, it’s the issue of providing genuine choice. There will be an early anti-air unit for the Humans, but it won’t be added for at least a couple weeks.

Couch Potatoes: They feel awful, and I never use them. They were intended to be a meat shield, but they don’t do enough damage or last long enough to be worth it. They will certainly get a HP increase. Also, after getting the Obesity upgrade, they should be immune to knockback effects.

Micro: In Eggs vs Humans 1, there weren’t any commands to issue the army, so micromanaging the army in real-time was not something the AI had to deal with. This is not the case in Eggs vs Humans 2. Microing a group of Rum Drinkers against Balloons means the difference between them surviving and being wiped out.

A concern is now I have to program at least the Hard AI to have good micro. The need for micro can be mitigated by a design that encourages unit trades, increasing the odds that the computer will want a shifting unit composition. But then again, it would be better to have the computer understand when its unit composition is good or bad. If it’s good, it would try to keep its units alive; if not, it would suicide the army and replace with better units.

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2 thoughts on “Update, some quick thoughts for me

  • Q

    I agree that when I play Eggs I always go for the Eco Bottle upgrade 1st. I like Bacon Boxers because they can absorb hits and are a real threat. They’re usually the last 1 or 2 units produced. When i lose 1 out of 8 or 9 Rum Drinkers i would retreat to the fort while building more then repeat the process. I really like the Frying Nun 🙂

    • Eggs vs Humans Post author

      I’ve found the same thing with Bacon Boxers; it’s good to build one or two to absorb the initial volley of enemy ranged units.

      There will be additional early upgrades in a later build so there are more research choices to make than just “auto Eco-bottle”. I do need to figure out a good way to make the Eco-bottle not feel immediately necessary.