To worry or not to worry 5

On one hand, Eggs vs Humans is mainly for my own benefit. It’s not likely many people will see or play it.

On the other hand, it’s always nice to get confirmation that other people think my work is decent. So, I do worry about how interesting and accessible it is.

The majority of people are casual gamers. They react better to games that are simple to grasp, yet still addicting.

It’s sort of like the difference between a League of Legends and Starcraft. Not that League doesn’t have its complexities, but the player only has to worry about controlling and learning a single unit. Even if someone is in the “confused but seems kinda fun” stage, it’s not as overwhelming as being lost in Starcraft.

Eggs vs Humans, as planned, is closer to Starcraft than League. Even in the latest build posted, it’s obvious there won’t be much breathing room for the player once all the other stuff gets added. It’s always possible to slow down unit training speed to help with that. Of course, if it’s too slow, the player will get bored in the opening just waiting for stuff to complete.

With time, I’m worried less and less about graphics. Hopefully, a new Human and Eggish unit are done in time for next week’s update. The Eggish unit’s graphical parts are basically completed, and it actually looks attractive. For what it’s supposed to be, that is.

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