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Having missed out on Age of Mythology when it released, I made sure to pick it up this time around (re-release was on May 8).

I can’t imagine how unfriendly AoM must feel for a new RTS player. The tutorial campaign was extremely brief, and the main campaign opened up tech/building options very rapidly. On the fourth scenario, it looks like the entire tech tree is open. Even as an experienced RTS (and AoE!) player, the lack of time allowed to absorb new concepts felt unsettling.

All the older RTS’s I’ve played did a better job of guiding newbies into the game. Age of Empires had an extensive learning campaign where small chunks of material were added over the course of several scenarios. (It was probably a map or two too long, but better than the alternative.)

Even Warcraft 1, which didn’t have a learning mode, had a friendlier campaign. The first scenario was just building Grunts; later scenarios would add (at most) one new unit, one new building and one new ability. Every single unit had its chance to shine, and time to learn how to use them.

Eggs vs Humans can’t have the AoM “learning cliff”. Before I shout to the world “Hey, check out the development of Eggs vs Humans”, a decent tutorial campaign is going to be added.

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