Tentative Tier 4 Units 2

Yes, there haven’t been updates recently. Partially, it’s because of my job taking more time, partially because of working on behind-the-scenes issues (technical and how to handle the campaigns).

Anyway, here are the ideas for the Tier 4 Units. Hopefully, can start on actually making these happen in a couple weeks.


The Eggs focus on aggressive units that use explosions and have an irrational lack of fear.

E.O.L.O. Rocket: One-time use unit that explodes when it hits the enemy. Good against clumped enemies and walls, but inefficient against single targets. The basic version automatically attacks as soon as it hits the field; the upgraded version you can actually control like your other units.

Alpha Egg: A vain, muscular, highly confident Egg who believes he’s better than everyone. It gets enraged against other large units who he perceives as rivals, doing extra damage to them. In his arrogance, he will sometimes attack on his own, and will always ignore an order to retreat.

(I will probably change the Alpha Egg’s name, just couldn’t think of a better one.)

Baclops: An option for an Eggish player that prefers a tough, stable presence. The Baclops can shoot lasers out of its eye for a ranged attack, and is adequate in melee. The laser can deal poison damage and stun enemies. Its damage isn’t overwhelming, but it’s a versatile unit.

General Eggsplosive: The General loves to get into the action herself. Firing Bazookas from a Hoverjeep, she really packs some heat. Unfortunately, bazooka technology has not been perfected. When the weapon backfires, it deals damage to her and all nearby units (usually friends!) This limits the maximum amount of time she can actually stay on the field.


The Human units focus more on tricky play and status effects.

Hibachi Chef: In peacetime, these Chefs are happy enough serving sushi in their restaurants. During war, they revive the arts of Ninjutsu to aid the Human cause. Their health and damage aren’t so impressive. Their main strength lies in their mobility. When they learn how to use Smoke Bombs, it seems like they teleport to wherever their commander tells them.

ManToastEgg: The most fearsome ground unit, the ManToastEgg has a ton of hit points and a lot of damage capability. Frying Doctors can keep it alive for a long time. It can even be upgraded with Eggplosive heads! It will take longer to train than any other unit.

Walking Freezer: This machine was developed by accident (the Scientists were supposed to build a walk-in freezer). Fortunately, the military was glad to add it to the arsenal. Its blast of biting air slows down enemies’ movement and attack speeds. Advanced models sometimes completely freeze an enemy for a short time, even large enemies that normally can’t be stunned.

Vizier: A combination of Royal Chef and Court Wizard, Viziers only fight in the most dire of circumstances. Even then, they prefer to travel on their Flying Carpets to avoid the smell of sweat and rivers of blood. Of course, they use their cooking skills to deal damage, but their unpredictable magic sets them apart. They might teleport an enemy away, destroy enemy town structures, bless an ally, or do something else completely.

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2 thoughts on “Tentative Tier 4 Units

  • Q

    Can’t wait to see them. What does E.O.L.O stand for? Maybe the Alpha Egg should be renamed the Tyson Egg after Mike Tyson. I realy like the description of the Walking Freezer. I’m excited the ManToastEgg is back. A phrase containing “half man, half toast, half egg” should be in its description 🙂

  • Eggs vs Humans Post author

    E.O.L.O. = Eggs Only Live Once

    The Tyson Egg might work (he really takes a bite out of the enemy army!)

    And ManToastEgg will include that description!