Screenshot of progress, just so I feel better about things

Over the past few months, my real job has been very time- and energy-consuming. Only over the last several weekends have I been able to make major headway.

While rebuilding, I’m getting in some tweaks and changes. Here’s a screenshot of how the rebuild is going:

0812 rebuild

You’ll notice each player has its own color. It’s helpful in the heat of battle to tell which units are yours, especially when both players are the same faction. You’ll be able to change the colors if you don’t like blue and red!

The fort health and army count now have a symbol instead of words.

Some units will be getting graphical tweaks and improvements. The Rum Guzzler has received the most change. The boots are cleaner looking, and the color of its bottle changes after upgrades. Also, its shell is shaded, giving it a different feel than the flat-looking Cannon Fodder. I think I quite prefer the Rum Guzzler’s look over the Cannon Fodder’s.

You can’t tell from here, but the units use animations instead of sprite sheets. This smooths out some movements, but there are some quirks to iron out. As you can see in the screenshot, one of the Bacon Boxers’ eyes gets a rotation that the other is missing!

This weekend, I plan to work on the tunnel troop positioning. Also need to work on map making…there is only this one small test map, so no scrolling required. Need to figure out camera movement and how best to handle the parallax effect.

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