Nov 24 Build

Finally, a new build. Just haven’t had the time to get one together. It focuses more on cleanup and streamlining, so the tier 4 units haven’t been started! With any luck, I’ll finish this in the next four months. The overall plan is to finish the tutorial campaign in the next couple weeks. At this point, I will start asking for feedback and see where things go from there!

Link to the Nov 24 build

The level of the Assassins' Guild is indicated by the number of knives.

The level of the Assassins’ Guild is indicated by the number of knives.



Deployment arrows to switch between ground and cavern are always visible if the map allows cavern play. Before, the arrows wouldn’t show if you had no diggers, but the hotkeys worked.

Unit, building, and research buttons mostly have colored backgrounds instead of grey. This makes them easier to distinguish when they are disabled.
Combat-related buttons have an orange background, while non-combat units and buildings are blue.

Icons now use brightly colored backgrounds instead of grey when they are available.

Icons now use brightly colored backgrounds instead of grey when they are available.

Scouting building buttons now change as you upgrade. Makes it easy to see what level they are at a glance.

Completed espionage messages no longer show messages if nothing was affected.

Scouting missions display graphical output instead of text. It seems more natural than displaying text.


Many sprites were being drawn to multiple cameras, unnecessarily increasing draw times. This has been rectified.

Some file size improvements. Even with a new piece of music, the output size is the same as before.

Balance/Game flow

To upgrade a fort, two buildings of that fort’s level must be constructed. It can be any building, scouting, military, or turret upgrade. (Before, only one military building was required.) The purpose of this was to encourage exploration of combining unit types at lower fort levels, but I don’t think it actually accomplishes that. The restriction may have to be two military buildings, but the danger here is that Scouting buildings are de-emphasized.

The Spy Agency is now required before Scouts can perform Espionage missions. The AI puts a higher value on getting the Spy Agency.

Base fort repair speed has increased. The amount of bonus repair speed with a higher construction level has increased. While fort repairs shouldn’t be able to outpace damage, it should feel like sacrificing new building construction is worth something.

The Eggapult moves much faster.

The Deviled Egg can no longer fight underground.

Scouting messages are graphical instead of text. There are tooltips if you need to read what they mean!

Scouting messages are graphical instead of text. There are tooltips if you need to read what they mean!

Bugs Squashed

The Egg Carton would sometimes spawn twice as many Cannon Fodder as it was supposed to.

In certain situations, unit buttons would show when buildings or research was selected.


In order to get closer to a “Hey, check Eggs vs Humans out now, let me know what you think” stage, there will be a short tutorial campaign to assist new players. I’ve tried some different things, but it really hasn’t “clicked” yet.

There’s a very short two-scenario campaign which will expand to five.

There are a lot of considerations:

  • What should be the pace of teaching players the different game play elements?
  • Are there points of gameplay that might be OK not to teach explicitly?
  • How should the campaign screens be set up so a new player is not overwhelmed?
  • Is a campaign World Map beneficial for atmosphere, or unnecessary waste of time?
  • Should there be a significant storyline? I would like more of a story than EvH1’s “this is an excuse for fighting; go fight.” But it may hurt if it’s not any good.
  • If there’s a story, how much in-game dialogue will players tolerate?
  • Can I even write well enough to make a story worth it?
  • What should the tone of the campaigns be?

New music

There’s now music in the menu screens.

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