New Build, March 9

Hooray, a new build is up!

  • The Human faction is added with its first two units.
  • Game starts with settings for a custom game. Player can now choose faction and AI intelligence
  • An “Easy” AI has been added.
  • A movable flag is now on the battlefield…just pick it up and drop it where you want! If the army is set to rally around the flag, it will move towards wherever you drop the flag.

There are two levels of AI, “Mindless” and “Easy”. Mindless literally makes its decisions randomly. Any appearance of intelligence is coincidental. Since there are so few choices in the early game, the Mindless AI is more likely to accidentally do something smart.

The “Easy” AI operates on a very simple algorithm. But don’t let your guard down; I have lost to it! The AI is not complete, of course. There are certain concepts it doesn’t understand, and you can reliably cheese it to death.

One serious concern is the size of the file…it’s already 5 MB and not nearly all the graphics are in! I will need to cut down on the amount of frames each unit needs for animation.

Less importantly, need to make a preloader screen.

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