Moving Away 1

There hasn’t been an update in a month! Partly, it’s due to time issues…work has been more of a priority, and it has taken a lot of energy.

But there’s a longer term issue, with Flash itself. Its security issues are well-known, and it’s hard to want to use a platform I have little faith will have major security problems resolved. It’s not like Flash is going to go away tomorrow, but it looks like it’s going to die slowly. Even Adobe seems aware of this.

I’m strongly considering moving to Unity to continue development. This means reworking of the game thus far. But it is likely worth it in the long-run. There are a couple of other game ideas in my brain, and I certainly won’t start a new project in Flash.

I may start development of the simpler game to get my feet wet in Unity, and after getting my bearings, work on porting over EvH.

There will be one more update soon with the Flash version, with the Tier 4 upgrades. But if progress in Unity looks good, that will likely be the last EvH build done in Flash.

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