May 4 Build 4

The first tier 2 units have been added! They require a level 2 fort and their unit-specific building.

Link to the May 4 build!

new units 0504

New Units!

Eggasus: A melee air superiority unit. It can’t attack ground or damage the enemy fort. But it’s wonderful for soaking up hits, protecting the Hot Air Balloons that will do the real damage.

Swedish Cuisinière: Don’t be deceived by this matriarch’s innocent look! She can fling her Swedish Meatballs for a devastating long range attack. Her drawback is slow attack and reaction speed.

Message log

You’ll be able to see the results of your scouting missions…and the computer’s. It does need a better font, and some of the longer messages wrap for some display ugliness.

Random Map

A randomly selected map is now an option.

Cavern movement fixed

Underground, units exhibit behavior much closer to the original intent. Since units queue up, it’s possible for melee units to be uselessly stuck behind ranged units!


There’s a minimap that behaves pretty much how you’d expect a basic minimap in an RTS to behave.

To do

The upgrade modification for Rum Guzzler and Roller Blader.

The AI has not been upgraded to understand some of the new changes. (For example, it doesn’t know that Eggasi are useless against an all-ground army if there are no Balloons to back them up.)

The final big new feature.

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4 thoughts on “May 4 Build

  • Q

    The Eggasus is quite fast. It would get to the enemy fort way ahead of the Balloons. It would be nice to slow it down so that it’s not too much faster than the Balloons. That way they can get to the target at almost the same time. I’m aware that it could also unbalance it in favor of the Eggs.

  • Q

    Looks like the Swedish Cuisinière is a great replacement for the Chef of EVH1. Let’s stick with what units you want to put in. The theme seems to be “zany” and I like it. IMO the Karate guy in EVH1 was more “serious” than “zany”. Can’t wait to finally see the ManToastEgg!

  • Eggs vs Humans Post author

    Thanks! Next build, I’ll try a slower version of the Eggasus. Balance won’t be final for a while, so every adjustment is temporary.

    Any more unit ideas I am open to! They are still not set in stone.

    The Rollerballer will be in for next build as well…it’s pretty darn good.