May 18 Build 2

New units and upgrades this week!

Link to the May 18 build!

new units 0518

New Units
The Eggs get the Bacon Knight. It beats any ground unit head-to-head, but takes a while to train. It is also too large to use underground. The Bacon Regeneration and Field Medicine upgrades give him even more survivability.

The Humans get the Organ Donor. He flies around on a jet pack, and throws his organs at allies to heal them. He hurts himself as he heals, so needs to be replaced.

He’s not that great right now, as it’s hard for him to heal moving units. There will be an upgrade or two to make him easier to use.

He’s decent in fort sieges; continuously healing a couple of obese Couch Potatoes greatly increases their survival time.

New Upgrades
The Bacon Boxer gets the Kidney Punch upgrade, letting her occasionally stun any non-large, non-mechanical unit. This makes her especially strong in one-on-one fights in the cavern.

The Spoiled Brat gets the Quick Trigger upgrade. He fires his shot much quicker after getting in position. This lets him shoot-and-run, whittling down slower enemies without taking damage.

Poisoned units turn a pungent green. However, it is quite resource-intensive and many computers will slow down. Will need an alternate solution.

The Normal AI now has a separate evaluation process for air positioning:
1. If you don’t have anti-air capability, it is aggressive with its own air units.
2. However, if you are attacking the enemy fort with a significant force, it will bring its air back to defend.

In a few test games, the behavior felt very good.

Both the Mindless and Easy AI still perform the same action for ground and air.

The algorithm determining how likely scouts will be captured has changed. There’s a side effect where the first person to train a scout will always get a quick scout kill (assuming both players stay in the default scouting stance.) Not sure if it’s a great system, but the trade-offs might be interesting. If Player 1 trains a scout immediately, the Player 2’s first scout is guaranteed to be killed. But Player 1’s construction and research would be slightly delayed. Even though Player 2 would eventually need to spend the time to train an additional scout, it might be worth it to get that slight upgrade timing advantage.

Some checks in the update loop are done less frequently in an attempt to increase speed.

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2 thoughts on “May 18 Build

  • Q

    Organ Donor is funny yet gives me the creeps at the same time. I wonder if you could change it to something else like a Flight Attendant on airplanes. They can do the same thing as the Organ Donor and they can get bonuses from Cooking upgrades.

  • Eggs vs Humans Post author

    Thanks, Q, good to know! I kind of had a feeling that the Organ Donor might be a bit too…disgusting, especially for general public consumption. (This a’int Wolfenstein!)