May 12 Build 2

The final major feature is now added. The new map, Cunudu, features controllable Towns.

Link to the May 12 build!


In this build, Towns only provide a small economy bonus. But eventually, you’ll be able to develop them with walls and turrets for defense, plus special buildings to improve your construction and research speeds. Essentially, they will be mini-forts your enemy has to destroy to get to you…and, of course, vice versa.

It’s also planned to have hostile or rebellious towns, which may send their own troops to attack the main players! Another possibility is to include towns which are friendly to one player and not the other.

Without towns, there’s not much reason to fight far away from fort walls, except for kiting. Now, map control is more of an issue. As more towns come under control, the battlefield will essentially get smaller, leading to more intense fighting. At least, that’s how it’s supposed to work.

The Desert of Eternal Dustiness and Cunudu maps are the same size, but because the desert has no towns, how you play is quite different.

New Map

Redundant, I know! A new map, Cunudu, has been added to demonstrate the town feature. Each side gets an easy to control Hamlet. A larger Village is in the middle, which both sides will need to fight for control over.


The Normal AI randomly selects from three styles: “Rush” builds an army ASAP and quickly attacks. “Develop” will sacrifice army to get non-combat units. “Balance” is in between the two. After a couple minutes, “Rush” will switch to “Balance”, figuring it can’t get a quick win.

The Easy and Normal AIs will attempt to control towns.

Image compression

Some more image compression has been done to reduce the size of the file once again. Reduced from 6.9 MB to 5.5 MB despite more graphics added. There are some further changes which will further reduce the file size.

Unit changes

The Rum Drinker now has two upgrades. The first gives it anti-air and is quick to research. The second gives it extended range and is slower to research.

The Roller Blader also has two upgrades. The first upgrade still gives knockback, but not the armor bonus. The second upgrade gives both an armor bonus and poison damage.

The Roller Blader’s damage is slightly decreased. It takes longer to fully upgrade.

The level 1 air buildings (for Balloons and Nuns) take slightly longer to build. The other level 1 buildings (for Brats and Bacon) are slightly quicker to build.

Spoiled Brat’s range very slightly increased. It was too difficult to plant the flag in that perfect spot for besieging the enemy fort without front-line units getting hit.

Eggasi move slower. This feels like a nerf and a buff, depending on the situation.

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