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Flying Units

Both the Eggs and Humans get their first flying unit! The Eggish Hot Air Balloon has a powerful air-to-ground attack (when it hits). The Frying Nun can attack both air and ground, but does less damage. Both of the flying units have a hard time hitting ground troops on the move, and are much better when the battle lines aren’t moving around.

Flying units get their own command buttons, so they can be positioned separately from ground troops. They don’t always get into good positions on the Defend and Flag buttons, which will have to be fixed.

They require a prerequisite building to be trained.

The AI doesn’t understand air units that well yet, either on offense or defense.


The buttons have been rearranged so that the most commonly clicked buttons (production and commands) are next to each other in the center. Unqueueing units isn’t as frequent, so they are off to the left now.

The unit command buttons now have a tooltip.

Pending: that blank space on the bottom right is for a minimap.

New Upgrades

Rum Guzzlers can replace their heavy glass bottles of rum with Eco-bottles. These lighter bottles can be thrown farther, even able to hit air units.

With training in the sport of roller derby, Roller Skaters upgrade to the Derby Jammer. They gain armor and occasionally knock back ground units.

Both the Guzzlers and Skaters will change appearance after the upgrade completes.


The Normal AI tries to detect when it shouldn’t train non-combat units. It will only train non-combat units when its army is at least 2/3 as strong as yours. It will also cancel non-combat units from the queue if needed.

Pending: at least the Normal AI needs to handle rushes more prudently.


It’s much more important to get all the systems in place and working, so getting the balance correct is secondary. But still making some stabs at it.

  • Building and upgrade times have been greatly increased to more realistic levels.
  • All unit HP and damage values were doubled to better handle the armor mechanic.
  • The fort’s max HP has been more than doubled to increase the amount of time respond to a rush.


  • A weak turret will be added to help out on defense. While rushes should be possible, they are too powerful.
  • It seems too risky not to build anti-air defenses right away. This issue may be alleviated with the turret.
  • Couch Potatoes don’t seem useful enough.

Click to play the March 30 build!

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