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Non-combat unit: Construction Crew

Training at least one Crew will allow you to construct buildings. Buildings unlock new units. When Crews aren’t constructing buildings, they will automatically repair your fort. The more Crews you train, the faster (well, up to 30!).

New Eggish combat unit: Bacon Boxer

A melee fighter with a very rapid, low damage attack. It’s much stronger than the Cannon Fodder, but unfortunately in this build, it’s hard to see its most valuable role. Also, the animation is awkward, and the boots area need a redesign. It will do for now.

New Human combat unit: Spoiled Brat

A ranged attacker for the Humans. It definitely feels OP, but in part that’s because the Eggish units and upgrades that can better combat it aren’t in yet.

Graphically, I love it. For the level of skill and amount of time I can dedicate, it turned out even better than I imagined.

Some hotkeys have been added.

If you like the number pad, the map can be scrolled by numpad 4 or 6. 1, 2 and 3 switch between units, building and research.

On the main keyboard, 1, 2 and 3 also switch between units, building and research. The map can be scrolled with 4 and 5. (I think this needs to be changed; feels awkward. Maybe Q and W or Q and E for the scrolling)

AI Changes

The AI processing is spread out over multiple frames. Originally, decisions about new units, buildings, research, and unit commands all occurred on the same time slice. Now, they are separate. This will allow for smoothing out the processing time if the calculations become more complex.

The Easy AI now makes decisions more slowly (once per 8 seconds). This will help ensure it is easier to defeat for newer or lower skilled players. However, the Easy AI now is not so easily cheesed with ranged units. It will attack if you’re using mostly ranged units.

A Normal AI has been added. It makes decisions quicker than Easy (once per 3 seconds). It also makes some more sophisticated decisions than the Easy AI:

  • It usually won’t build ranged units until there is a front line of melee units for protection.
  • It is quicker to defend its fort when the hit points become low.
  • It will keep its units garrisoned if it’s hopelessly outgunned, unless the fort is about to fall.
  • It is more aggressive if your army looks weak.

Of course, there will be ongoing changes to ensure that Normal is competent, but flawed enough so most people can expect to beat it.

Research Active

The research buttons added last week now implement their stated effects.

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2 thoughts on “March 23

  • Q

    Loving it so far. The Bacon Boxer should still have the classic EVH1 Mascot face but that’s just my opinion. Where do you come up with units?

    • Eggs vs Humans Post author

      The units are from imagination! Writing down some ideas, and choosing ones that seem like the best.

      Sometimes, they are inspired from other sources…the ManToastEgg idea was ripped off from ManBearPig. A few of the new Eggish units are bad puns on Greek mythological figures.

      As far as changing the Bacon, I thought it made a lot of sense to have a unique look for the Bacon units. It increases variety and visual interesting. It also emphasizes that the Bacon units will be playing a different role (Bacon units will be more powerful than Eggs, but longer to train).