March 16 2

Progress as of March 16.

Non-combat unit: Scientist
The first of the four proposed non-combat units. Training at least one Scientist will allow you to research upgrades for your units. More scientists = faster research! Of course, spend too much time on scientists, and your army will be much smaller than the enemy’s!

There’s only one upgrade per faction available, and it doesn’t actually do anything yet.


Most of the buttons have tooltips, which new players would appreciate.

Smaller size

Despite more stuff, the file size is much smaller. Many of the animations have greatly reduced frame counts.


There are four values representing the “economy” of the game (Training, Espionage, Research, and Construction). The current values are now visible.

Mindless AI easier to defeat

This is a side effect rather than intentional. Since the Mindless AI selects units randomly, the Scientist now has a 33% chance to be selected. Since it doesn’t do anything valuable, it takes even longer for Mindless to create an army.

The Easy AI is smart enough to train Scientists only sporadically, and won’t train Scientists at all if it has only a small army. (It is not smart enough to cancel a queued up Scientist if it needs combat troops ASAP.)

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2 thoughts on “March 16

  • Q

    This current build did a good job of dampening the Roller Skater rush but the rush can still be a problem. They should go back to the Power Walker look 🙂

    • Eggs vs Humans Post author

      Yes, although the AI will eventually be able to handle such rushes much better! (You can cheese the Easy AI with Rum Drinkers as well. Just move the flag close to their fort and let them fire away!)

      It will be tricky to find the best balance. The early units need to be strong enough to at least pose some sort of threat, but not so strong that the player doesn’t want to unlock better units.