Jun 8 Build 4

Lots of changes since last time! Click on the image to play the new build.

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New Units

Most of these units are making their return from EvH1.

Eggs Benedict: Quite different from the EvH1 version, now Eggish instead of Human. A ranged unit that deals cooking damage by firing globs of Hollandaise sauce. It’s not powerful, but versatile, so training a few usually provides some value.

Egg Carton: Similar to its EvH1 incarnation. Doesn’t attack, but periodically creates a Cannon Fodder. They can’t be controlled, but don’t count against your army size. Once the Carton releases all 12 of its eggs, it disappears from the battlefield and needs to be replenished.

Yoga Freak: She fills the same sort of role as EvH1. She’s elusive, able to dodge 50% of attacks and always dodges explosions. Her damage is low; heavily armored units will barely take damage from her.

Cheese Grater: The Humans can manufacture this armored kitchen implement. It doesn’t attack, but melee enemies that hit it damage themselves. It is best taken down with ranged cooking attacks.


A player’s scouts can no longer be captured if they are not in “Infiltrate” position or on an Espionage mission. This meant the second player to train a Scout would always lose it. Now, it’s not so scary to get a scout out later. They can still be assassinated, though.

Unit changes

Couch Potatoes: HP have been decreased.

Eco-bottle: The first upgrade provides a slight range increase. Adding only anti-air capability meant the upgrade does nothing at all if the opponent never uses an air unit. Now there is a small, more immediate advantage.

Eggsplosion: The amount of damage Eggsplosion causes has been decreased.

The Organ Donor is now a Jet Pack Operator. Instead of using his own health to heal, he uses “energy”. When his energy is used up, he will disappear from the battlefield and need to be retrained.

More turret upgrades
The turret can be upgraded multiple times, increasing damage and extend its range. The upgrades fit more closely with a food/kitchen theme (the Dart Turret was rather nondescript).

Ranged attacks require vision
Ranged units and the fort turret won’t be able to attack enemies that are outside of a player’s vision radius.

Hard AI
The Hard AI is still a work in progress, but it’s tougher than the Normal:

1. The Normal AI mostly builds up randomly. The Hard AI is much more focused, getting technologies and buildings that make sense together, based on its personality. For example, a defensive AI will research Obesity before Derby Training, and build Couch Potatoes more frequently than Roller Bladers.

2. The Hard AI is smarter about positioning its troops, better taking into account your units’ position and range. In some situations, it will even juke and dodge to try to avoid projectiles.

3. It recognizes more quickly when ranged units are vulnerable, and will train melee units to protect them. It will retreat more quickly when it detects ranged units are fighting in melee.

The Hard AI’s unit compositions are more predictable if you figure out its personality, but overall is a tougher opponent.

AI Personalities
Normal and higher level AIs have a wider range of personalities, randomly selected at the start of the match. They may rush to try for a quick victory, focus heavily on non-combat for a longer game, or strike a balance in between. Sometimes, it will try harder for air or cavern control. On the Cunudu map, more defensive AIs will only try to control their own town first; more aggressive ones will immediately try to grab the middle city as well.

What’s next?

1. Fixing bugs in cavern fighting.

2. Improving the Hard AI.

3. Research to improve the tier 2 units.

4. The ability to build towns. How to handle town hostility/friendliness. Additional maps that include towns.

5. After the town mechanics are complete, it’s time to start working on a tutorial.

Footnote: Turtling problem?

Turtling was rare in EvH1 because you had no control over your army. It has been too easy to turtle in EvH2 (eg, Couch Potatoes + Doctors + Grandmas, all you had to do was replenish Doctors). While strong defensive setups should have a role (sieging, or giving yourself a short breather to think), it should be advantageous to move units actively.

The new units and improved AI seem to have helped with this issue, but not sure if I’m completely happy with the results. The Swedish Cuisinière and Jet Pack Operator seem to be the main culprit for passive play. They are simply a lot more effective when you don’t have to move around.

Some units were designed (sometimes by accident!) to encourage active army control. The Spoiled Brat with the Quick Shot upgrade is useful for whittling down enemies, but only if you run and shoot with them. Defending and attacking with Rum Guzzlers is more effective when you’re paying attention to their cooldown. The air units also work well; the Eggasus, Hot Air Balloon and Frying Nun require micro to get the most out of them, and not get them killed.

I am mulling a few ideas:
a. Assassination being able to kill combat units hiding behind fort walls, or kill the unit farthest away.
b. A specific assassination mission that targets combat units only.
c. Town increases the maximum army size if controlled by a player, encouraging players to fight for field control.
d. Changing how battlefield medicine works. It encourages a lack of action by signaling to the player “Oh, I should wait and heal up before attacking.” Possibilities include healing only when a unit is attacking, giving a unit a chance of surviving killing blows, or changing it to a different defensive bonus entirely.

The AI will also need to be adjusted to better breakthrough sieges.

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4 thoughts on “Jun 8 Build

  • Q

    Liking the upgrades. I was wondering if the Yoga Freak would hit multiple units before i tried it. One Yoga Freak underground can cause a lot of problems 🙂 I love the animation of the Cheese Grater, the way it rolls around. I’m guessing it’s a swap of the EVH1 Leper.

    • Eggs vs Humans Post author

      The Yoga Freak will have to get an upgrade to hit multiple enemies…at least, that’s the plan now.

      Yes, the Cheese Grater is the same concept as the Leper! It more clearly fits with the “kitchen/food” theme.

      It’s a little sad that all the units from this week were all retreads, but there will be unique stuff on tiers 3 and 4. (Favorite old stuff, like ManToastEgg, can and will be returning though!)

    • Eggs vs Humans Post author

      Definitely the doctor should be renamed, although I don’t know what to!

      The Cooking upgrade might make a lot of sense. There will be some reworking of upgrades certainly.