Jun 23 Build 2

The Jun 23 Build.

Beginnings of a tutorial

It’s planned to have a five map tutorial campaign. Right now, it’s just the first scenario. I’d rather have a shorter tutorial, but there are too many concepts to cover. There’s precedent for whole tutorial campaigns with Age of Empires. But that series is intended to be played for much longer. Would players have the same patience with a Flash game?


I’m trying to decide what sort of aesthetic the maps should have. The units will remain the same, but a “half-cartoony” look for the maps is intriguing (which the tutorial shows off).

Right now, the custom maps’ textures are rather flat. The tutorial map is still clearly a cartoon, but the textures are more rich and realistic without being very realistic.

A new custom map, the Plains of Reality, looks too starkly real. It’s been hard to figure out how to do the grass properly.

Cavern bug fixed

Cavern fights now work properly! Really simple fix; units were using above ground vision distance instead of cavern vision distance.

Balance Changes (at least the ones I remember)

Swedish Cuisineres have reduced range and slightly increased damage. They are not intended to be a true siege unit, and the range decrease will ensure that upgraded turrets can fight back.

Eggasi do more damage. They felt too weak in their role as anti-air.

Eggs Benedict do more damage. But now I’m a bit worried that it’s too easy to have a simple composition of 5 x Bacon Knights and 5 x Eggs Benedict, which is pretty good against lots of stuff.

To do

Speed is becoming an issue. It takes too long to calculate unit actions.

Get an actual tutorial campaign together.

More graphics work.

Upgrades for the tier 2 units.

Scouts will get a bit of an overhaul. It’s intended for Scouts to be as important as Builders and Scientists, but that’s just not the case now.

Hard AI improvements.

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2 thoughts on “Jun 23 Build

  • Q

    Yoga Freaks combo well with supporting units such as Cuisinieres and Spoiled Brats. Underground they become a high priority target because of their annoying evasion and the single file limitation.

    • Eggs vs Humans Post author

      I didn’t even really consider that the Yoga Freak would be good for cavern defense, but yes…and it’s probably desirable!

      The Bacon Boxer is supposed to be powerful underground. I wonder who wins one on one? Gotta test it!