Jul 20 Build

Here’s the July 20 Build.

Note: May notice performance decrease. On the to-do list.

New map

The new map, Whack Lumberjacks, features hostile Towns. They must be subjugated before you and the enemy meet (unless you decide to only fight underground!).


You can add buildings to a Town now. Three buttons will display below it, letting you upgrade its walls, turrets, or economy. It doesn’t interfere with constructing your fort’s buildings.

Walls block enemy movement until they are destroyed, acting as a “mini-fort”.
Turrets act like a weak fort turret, with less damage and range. There are two per town, one by the left wall and one by the right. (This is to split damage evenly if both you and the computer are attacking the same town.)
Economy increases the bonus the town gives for all types of production.

Walls need to be rebuilt every time they are destroyed. Turrets and Economy are more resilient. If the walls are destroyed, the Turret and Economy will decrease by one level.

Compared to attacking the enemy Fort, ranged and armored units are relatively stronger. Armor reduces Town turret damage by a greater percentage than a Fort turret, and it’s easier for ranged units to outrange a Town turret. I may need to buff unarmored melee units since they will have less utility, but we’ll see through testing.

Town behavior

Towns can have different behaviors towards you and your opponent.
Independence determines how easily a Town is controlled. Highly independent Towns take longer to control and are more likely to be hostile.
Attitude refers to the type of player the Town favors. It will have one of these six:

  • Favor Fort 1: Town is quicker to control for the first player.
  • Favor Fort 2: Town is quicker to control for the second player.
  • Favor Both: Town is easy to control for both players.
  • Favor None: Town is hard to control for both players.
  • Favor Egg: Town is quicker to control for an Eggish player.
  • Favor Human: Town is quicker to control for a Human player.

Independence and Attitude are not displayed to the player. An unfavorable combination can make a Town hostile to one or both players. Its turrets will attack units, and its walls must be destroyed before being able to pass through.

A non-hostile Town can be moved through freely, even if walls are up. Most towns will be non-hostile.

UI changes

Right-clicking anywhere on the battlefield will move the flag. Before, it was just a narrow band where the flag was located.

The production timer for building and research changed to their associated colors (blue and green).

Unit changes

The Quick Trigger upgrade for Spoiled Brats is improved.

To do

AI does not know how to handle hostile towns.

Performance has been negatively affected. Some improvements were made, but there will still need to be more optimizations.

The tooltips for town buildings not showing in the correct place.

Finish the tutorial campaign.

Modify scouting.

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