Jan 12 Build 4


It’s 2015, and for this year’s first update, the first peek at Tier 4 units is finally here!

Click here to play the Jan 12 build

New units

The E.O.L.O. Rocket is a one-time explosive. Does great damage to walls and decent damage to clumped units. Its attack counts as melee, so it pairs quite well with the Thieves’ Guild. It’s inefficient against single targets, especially those with high HP.

The base model automatically launches once completed. Its upgrade will let you have control of when it launches.

The Ninja Chef has a decent melee and ranged attack, nothing spectacular. It will shine after its upgrade, which lets it teleport around the battlefield (not instantly; though, that would be OP!)

Neither of the units’ upgrades is available in the build yet. Both these units may feel underwhelming for Tier 4, but this is by design. They are expected to be valued more for technical use than raw power. I do expect their damage numbers to need adjusting.

Tier 3 unit changes

Captains Cutlery have 1/3 fewer HP. This makes her even more vulnerable to turrets and poison, and she’ll require protection in siege situations. Hopefully, this makes going full CC not viable, or at least non-optimal.

Vikings do a bit less damage.

The Deviled Egg no longer has a ranged attack. All the other Eggish Tier 3 units have at least some sort of air defense, so the Deviled Egg didn’t need range. In practice, the lack of range is a buff since its melee DPS is so much better.

To compensate, its HP have been decreased and the base damage decreased. I had other ideas for changing the Deviled Egg, but this simple change seemed logical to try first. The unit feels much closer to what she is intended to be.

Bacon Magi use Meatier Shower again instead of Meatier Strike. The Shower calls down several slabs of ham upon enemies. The projectiles aren’t as damaging, but won’t hurt your own units. This has lead to some interesting changes which I think make Tier 3 better:

  1. Since Meatier Shower doesn’t hurt friendly units, it doesn’t feel like a risk to get this skill. It’s also not so critical to program the AI to avoid it!
  2. Bacon Magi are less brutal as a siege unit. With the old Meatier Strike, it was too easy to wipe out defenders during a siege. Now it’s fair for the defender, as reinforcements can be trained to break out of a siege.
  3. The Advertising Blimp and Drakkar have a new role. Due to their high HP, they can survive multiple Meatier hits, protecting friendly units.

Other Stuff

There are still some issues with projectiles that are difficult to reproduce. They may or may not be resolved.

Some unit positioning issues have been fixed.

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4 thoughts on “Jan 12 Build

  • Q

    Perhaps a command to have the EOLO Rockets stay at base until you’re ready to unleash them. They will have to act independently from the rest of the units.

    • Eggs vs Humans Post author

      That’s not a bad idea, but there are some questions. Where does the command go in an already crowded UI? Does it make sense to have a unit-specific command when no other units will be treated this way?

      Not saying there isn’t a way to make it work…just don’t have a good answer right now.

      Some sort of unit design modification might be preferable.

      It’s a bit of a conundrum.

    • Eggs vs Humans Post author

      I was able to program in the upgrades for Ninjas and EOLO. The teleporting Ninjas are really cool to use, without being OP. The EOLO Rockets are not that interesting.

      I will be trying out a new idea for EOLO to increase its fun factor. Your idea of having them act independently is good, and they will essentially be doing that.

      But now there is another issue with the other Tier 4 units…I’m afraid that the other Tier 4 units won’t be so interesting! While it would be OK to have one or two vanilla tier 4, they can’t feel too lackluster.