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When it comes to graphics, my skills might be what you’d expect from a self-taught dabbler who doesn’t spend much time in the field.

For Eggs vs Humans 1, I conceded that the game would look terrible, and sort of tried to justify it with “The premise of the game is silly; cartoony, simple graphics make sense…” (Not that I actually bought that line of reasoning!)

Obviously, EvH1’s graphics look like they were done in MS Paint. Beyond that, I didn’t think about effective use of color.

For example, looking at the Couch Potato and Power Walker from EvH1:

evh1 units

The Couch Potato is supposed to be slow and clumsy, but its colors don’t convey that. The bright red and blue are cheerful and active, the opposite of how the unit was supposed to feel.

The Power Walker’s colors are all over the place…pink shoes and green pants?

Meanwhile, here’s the initial look for EvH2:

evh2 units

The units almost swapped color schemes. The Couch Potato looks dull and crusty, with the brown-grey hair of middle age, reminiscent of Onslow from “Keeping Up Appearances”. (The couch should be even more of a puke green, though, and the pants shouldn’t be so bright.)

In contrast, the Roller Skater is drawn with vibrant primary colors, fitting nicely with its role as a fast-moving, fast-attacking unit.

The EvH2 unit colors subconsciously meet the player’s expectations.

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