Dec 7 Build 6

More fixes/repairs than new stuff. Quite close to starting the Tier 4 units though!

Link to the Dec 7 Build


Requirement for fort upgrades have been changed. The level 2 fort requires either one of the level 1 military buildings. Level 3 and 4 forts will require two military buildings of the appropriate level. This puts more emphasis on experimenting with different unit compositions.

The Frying Doctor’s building and research now take less time. There are a couple reasons for this:

  1. Doctors are one of the few units that’s impossible to make a backbone of your force. Being able to get them into play more quickly compensates for this.
  2. Improves the viability of a quick Tier 3 Human strategy. By sacrificing power in the early game (slowing enemy attacks with Couch Potatoes and Doctors), it’s possible to quickly get to Tier 3 and establish a later game advantage.


Choosing Counterspy as the espionage focus increases vision radius. Marginally useful for the player, but mostly helps the AI.

Towns have been modified. It felt like a player actively controlling the field doesn’t get rewarded quite enough.

  1. Towns take about 40% less time to control. This makes controlling towns more desirable as their bonuses come into play quicker.
  2. Town turrets deal slightly more damage. The defender’s advantage should feel more substantial without being overwhelming.

I’m also considering changing how town walls work. If they are destroyed, the turret and economy level are decreased by 1. But this gives an incentive not to build walls at all. In practice, I almost always build walls last. One possibility is to give turrets and economy a penalty if there are enemy troops inside the town. Another idea is to only decrease the turret and economy level when town control is lost.


When your Miners find a gem, a crystal will popup showing what was found. This makes the Miner feel more rewarding, along with giving a visual indicator of how quickly gems are being obtained.

Bug Fixes

The computer was not positioning units correctly when rallying towards its flag. This has been rectified.

When a unit is stunned just as it’s retreating, it no longer shoots across the screen wildly.

New Music

I didn’t like the original menu screen music. It’s been replaced.

To Resolve

Increase the intelligence of Frying Doctors, especially when there are multiple Doctors. They all usually target the same unit; they should be healing different units.

There is still one more slot available for a building! Still deciding on how it will actually work.

The tutorial campaign needs to be completed. There are some triggers which need to be added to be able to complete it.

There’s an issue with certain projectiles reflected by Dairy Golems not processing correctly.

The Eggplosion animation is not displaying properly.

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6 thoughts on “Dec 7 Build

    • Eggs vs Humans Post author

      Yeah, I’ve been worried about difficulty level. Being the guy making the game, I’m familiar with all the ins-and-outs, so it’s hard to gauge how difficult things are.

      Normal is probably going to get a nerf. But how Rum Guzzler damage works makes them more difficult to deal with than the Humans. They are likely to see some sort of nerf.

    • Eggs vs Humans Post author

      There are three things I could change to make Rum Guzzlers less frustrating in the early game:

      1. A rum bottle can only damage 2 units max, instead of an uncapped amount.


      2. A rum bottle acts like an explosive, where the damage decreases as the unit is farther away from where the projectile hits.

      3. Change unit pathing so they don’t clump up so frequently. I’ve wanted to do this for a while anyway for aesthetic reasons.

  • Q

    What I found out so far:
    If you’re Eggs you must get a good squad of Rum Guzzlers ASAP.
    If you’re humans you must get Frying Nuns ASAP.
    There does not seem to be any compromise.

    • Eggs vs Humans Post author

      In the HvH matchup, it does seem that Nuns are a must and Spoiled Brats are tough to make viable. This is the part I’m least with happy with in the early game. This is also why I made the SB building quicker to make. A Human player can trade-off army strength to get to tier 2 faster.

      Rum Guzzlers are tough for the Humans to deal with early, but there are ways to handle them. The Humans do have an advantage while the army counts are still low. A Human army with Roller Bladers should engage an Eggish army in the field before both sides max out. There does need to be some micro to avoid unnecessary Rum Guzzler hits.

      Upgraded Spoiled Brats are very good against Rum Guzzlers, but they require micro. As soon as the Spoiled Brats fire, retreat and attack right away. You should be able to get two shots off, then retreat just before the rum bottles hit. Rinse and repeat to whittle the army down. (Even on Hard difficulty, the AI does not understand how to do this. Tactics like this can be expected in the Very Hard difficulty!)

      It’s good to have 3 Couch Potatoes with Obesity as buffer for the Brats, especially if the enemy gets Bacon Boxers out.

      • Q

        Sometimes micromanagement can be a big pain especially when you need to do some essential research and upgrades. The Frying Nun is still the only viable option in any match whether it’s vs Humans or Eggs. They’re not vulnerable to ground units such as Boxers or Roller Ballers. A small squad of Nuns is very good vs a full squad of Rum Guzzlers but it needs micromanagement. Maybe it’s better to nerf the Rum Guzzlers to damage only 2 units max to see what it does. We’ll see what the next tier of units offer.