Dec 28 Build 2

This week’s build is just a few balance tweaks and fixes.

Click here to play the Dec 28 build

Early Game Changes

Rum Guzzler projectiles can damage a maximum of two units
Rum Guzzler projectile damage decreased from 8 to 7
Frying Nun hit points decreased from 36 to 33

Q brought up a valid concern with the Rum Guzzlers. Their AoE was problematic because:

  1. The Rum Guzzler is one of the first units, and should be fairly “beginner-friendly”. But the AoE meant micro mistakes were very bad, potentially wiping out a whole army very quickly. This is very frustrating!
  2. The Eggish tier 2 anti-air units weren’t very compelling since Rum Guzzlers were so good at scaring off mass air.

With the reduced AoE, it’s less easy to quickly destroy an enemy army. Also, the damage decrease means it now takes 6 hits instead of 5 to kill a Roller Blader or Cannon Fodder. Rum Guzzlers should be a bit less effective as an early siege unit, which really wasn’t its intended role.

It still takes 3 hits to kill a Hot Air Balloon (4 hits upgraded), so that balance hasn’t changed much.

The Eggish tier 2 anti-air units (Eggasus or Egg Benedict) should be more compelling now.

So that the Frying Nun remains roughly as vulnerable to Rum Guzzlers, her HP have been decreased. This also makes her slightly more vulnerable to turrets, which may not be such a bad thing. The balance between the Frying Nun and Eggasus should be roughly the same.

Upgraded Spoiled Brats have a faster attack speed

The Spoiled Brats’ upgrade is not very meaningful if their attack is not microed.

By giving a clear attack speed increase, a beginner is less likely to be confused about the upgrade’s value. It also slightly helps the AIs, which do not currently understand how to use upgraded Spoiled Brats.

There is still an additional DPS increase for microing the Spoiled Brats.

Bugs squashed

In the tutorial mission 5, mysterious projectiles would fly in from nowhere. This has been fixed.

Tier 3 adjustments

Tier 3 is kind of in a funny place. A few units feel about right, most will need some tweaks.

The relative damage output of tier 3 units may be too much compared to the fort HP, but I will hold off on that until unit tweaks are done.

Dairy Golems

: These feel about correct. You don’t want to go full Golem, but their special is quite useful.


: Their power level feels about right. The only quibbles are that building nothing but Drakkars seems viable, and the Berserker upgrade is perhaps too strong.

Captains Cutlery

: In this build, their research gives a lower cooking damage bonus. While the player should be rewarded for the significant investment, CCs are too strong. Once they’re fully upgraded, you can build 10 and win (except against Dairy Golems). I’m also considering an HP nerf, so they are truly fragile.


: They also feel too strong once upgraded, but they are a bit buggy. After their first attack, their attack animation starts too soon. Will wait to see how they perform once fixed.

Deviled Eggs

: Their behavior is going to be changed; they feel awkward to use. Why bother with them instead of training Bacon Magi?

Advertising Blimp

: Intended to serve a dual-purpose, to protect the heavy-hitting Hot Air Balloons and boost economy. It’s supposed to make Eggish air more scary, without having the Blimp be intimidating by itself. It seems to be about 70% correct.

Bacon Magi

: Another 70% correct unit. Its first two spells are merely “more projectiles”, and one of them should be more unique. Also, Meatier Strike will at least get a graphic change and likely a behavior change.


: Probably in a good place. The poison cloud plus upgraded assassins’ guild is a great combo, maybe a bit on the strong side. On the other hand, getting that powerful poison means other army upgrades were neglected, so perhaps that balances it out.

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2 thoughts on “Dec 28 Build

  • Q

    The nerf to Rum Guzzlers is good, but you have to still be careful when going against them. So far other nerfs do not seem to have an impact, which is good.

    • Eggs vs Humans Post author

      It does feel like Rum Guzzlers are in a good place now. A player that dodges their projectiles is rewarded with a healthier army, but it’s not completely crippling to take some hits. There may even be some scenarios where a player can intentionally not dodge and have the benefit overweigh the damage taken (attacking cities, or fighting for town control)