Dec 21 Build 5

After this latest build, I’m finally going to explicitly ask for feedback from more people. A tutorial campaign has been completed, although it’s not polished. In the final product, still uncertain whether to have a separate tutorial campaign or integrate it into a storyline.

Still, it’s not like I’m trying to make this a commercial venture. It’s for fun and relaxation mostly, so won’t stress about that decision too much!

Click here to play the Dec 21 build!

Gratuitous screenshot to give visual interest to this blog post.

Gratuitous screenshot to give visual interest to this blog post.

Frying Doctors

Doctors have been improved to behave more consistently and intelligently.

  1. In Air Attack mode, Doctors will stay a short distance behind your farthest advanced unit. Also fixes a bug where Doctors would sometimes stay in the Defend position even if given the Attack or Rally command.
  2. Healing projectiles behave more intelligently. They prioritize the original target and won’t be consumed if there’s only a few HP of damage.
  3. After the Laser Surgery upgrade, the french fries will follow the healing target for a short while if healing isn’t immediately needed. This allows some more flexibility.
  4. If you have multiple Doctors, they will try to stagger their heals, making overhealing less likely.

The Doctor’s graphic needs to be updated. He is still pulling a vial of blood out of his coat; it will be changed to a box of french fries to match his projectile.

Gratuitous screenshot to give visual interest to this blog post.

Gratuitous screenshot to give visual interest to this blog post.


Turret and economy levels no longer degrade as soon as the wall is destroyed. Only if a player loses control of a town will the turret and economy be degraded. This positively improves town control in the following ways:

  1. A choice to build walls feels much more natural, as solid safety and defense. Before, building walls was a risk as the penalty for losing them was way too high.
  2. There is some leeway for a player to stabilize town control even if it’s briefly overrun.
  3. There is still tension after the walls are broken. The player has a motivation to fight back the invaders ASAP so that the turret and economy investment time is not lost.

The town buttons didn’t always update with the correct level after a town switched control. This looks resolved, but will need to verify.

Gratuitous screenshot to give visual interest to this blog post.

Gratuitous screenshot to give visual interest to this blog post.

Other Fixes and Changes

Eggsplosions now animate fully and properly.

Espionage missions are about 25% faster to complete. It felt like investing in Espionage was not quite rewarding enough. This change may be tweaked or reverted.

The Thieves’ Guild now gives a bonus to Sabotage missions. This puts it more on par with the Assassin’s Guild.

Ecobottle 2 doesn’t increase range as much. It’s not a complete nerf, as it makes it easier for a player to get rid of Rum Guzzlers after they’ve outlived their usefulness.

The Oven has an additional delay before its attack starts. This helps balance its very high damage potential. Its behavior is still a bit buggy.

The Frying Nun’s attack has been changed so that you can’t increase DPS by “scooting and shooting”.

Captain Cutlery was strangely immune to most projectiles. This appears to be fixed.

Credits screen available. (HUGE deal, right?)

A few map changes:
The Plains of Reality is now the Plain Plains. The graphics of the Plains of Reality were an experiment, and didn’t really fit the game’s feel.

The Whack Lumberjacks map now uses parallax to increase its “attractiveness” (or what counts for attractiveness here!) Also, due to the town changes, the lumberjacks will still fire at your troops if you don’t control the town. The AI doesn’t really understand how to deal with this well, so it’s one of the easier maps for the player to win. The Advertising Blimp can be really useful!

The mountains of Red Rock Pass are different. Originally, I’d plan to purchase stock images to save time. Now, everything’s going to be my own work. There are several reasons. Pride. Wanting to improve my skills. Not wanting to sort out who needs credit.

Plus 80%+ of the graphics are already made by me now anyway, so the time excuse isn’t going to fly!

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5 thoughts on “Dec 21 Build

  • Q

    Haven’t done much with this build yet but here’s my 1st thought. Would you be willing to make a town lose its ability to shoot if you manage to break the walls down and move through the town towards the opponent’s base? It gets annoying to rally your units near the opponent’s base and having to take constant fire until the town converts yo your side.

    • Eggs vs Humans Post author

      I like this idea and makes logical sense. It would force the town’s controller to keep a foothold in the town to keep the turrets (and economy bonus) active.

  • Q

    No need to combine the tutorial with the campaign. It makes it feel like a full stop if you want to start a campaign with the other faction. Have not tried the tutorial yet.

  • Q

    OK, I’ve confirmed that Bacon Magi can kill themselves with Meatier Shower. It just takes a fast enemy to quickly approach the Magi. They will cast Meatier Shower and also be in the kill zone. Was this intentional?

    • Eggs vs Humans Post author

      It was intended for Meatier Strike to be able to hurt allied units, but I am thinking of changing it. The idea was to trade off power for having to maintain more control.

      But I think it’s not worth it and will frustrate players…in all likelihood, one of two things will happen:

      1. Meatier Strike will revert to its old form, Meatier Storm. A bunch of meat will fall from the sky, each chuck of meat doing some damage. As long as I can keep the game’s framerate up, this is what I’d like to do.

      2. Meatier Strike will do less damage, but not damage allies.