Aug 31 Build 3

Want more units? The Aug 31st build has them!

This weekend’s coding was tough. There were new versions of some libraries that needed to be updated. Caused some code changes and at least one major headache. The new units also have unique abilities which required new logic.

But it seems to be worth it!

The Eggs and Humans went in very different directions in their Tier 3 air unit design!

The Eggs and Humans went in very different directions in their Tier 3 air unit design!

New Units

The newest units are the tier 3 air units.

Advertising Blimp: As you might guess from the name, this is less a fighting unit than a way to boost economy. It always influences all Towns, no matter where on the map it’s located, and generates economy over time.

The basic Blimp has no attack. Using the studies of the brilliant Nikoyolk Teggla, it can be upgraded with electrical defenses. The Teggla Shield damages nearby enemies, and the Teggla Coil gives the Blimp a decent ranged attack.

Drakkar and Vikings: These Viking ships fly through the air instead of plying the oceans (the mechanism by which this happens is unclear). They deploy Vikings, which parachute onto the battlefield and supplement any ground forces.

The Viking forces can be augmented twice. The first is Racial Integration, which doubles the number of Vikings dropped. They can also learn Berserker rage, increasing attack speed.

The great number of resources required means Drakkars use twice the supply of most other units.

How do the units work out?

There are good and bad things. For the Drakkar, I was mostly concerned they wouldn’t be too powerful. Additionally, I discovered building 5 of them and sending them to attack was pretty darn boring. But after some adjustments and testing, it seems mass Drakkar is not very good.

In the HvH matchup, Ovens completely roast Vikings, and will draw fire so that Captains Cutlery (or other anti-air) can whittle down the Drakkars. It feels much more powerful to have only 2 or 3 Drakkars, then fill out the rest of the army with useful abilities. (These leads to the question of whether Drakkars are actually too weak and should be ignored!)

The Eggs don’t seem to have a such a neat counter to mass Drakkar, but there is another tier 3 unit remaining to fill that role.

It's possible for Vikings to land behind enemy lines, spreading the action around.

It’s possible for Vikings to land behind enemy lines, spreading the action around.

The Advertising Blimp seems weird and I’m still trying to get a grasp of how well this unit fits. It’s intended to allow the Eggs to make a natural progression with a mostly air army. The ability to control towns means there’s not so much of a penalty for not having ground units. They also allow you to gain a significant economy lead. Since they are beefy, they can protect fragile Hot Air Balloons during fights.

The air superiority that I’d thought they lend is more awkward to use than I expected, and there doesn’t seem to be enough firepower to make air scary. Bacon Magi are just more powerful.

Against Bacon Magi, it’s really important to make them use their Meatier Strike on a dummy target so a clumped air force isn’t wiped out. The Egg Carton does seem to be quite useful for pinning enemy land units down, making sure air projectiles actually hit targets. With Egg Cartons and Eggasi sharing upgrades (Eggsplosion and Eggspertise), this might be a natural fit.

I haven’t had a chance to do air vs Dairy Golems. It seems like a bad matchup for air.

The Blimp’s defensive shield doesn’t seem useful enough and I should probably animate it. The offensive upgrade is better, both in utility and looks.

I have a feeling their defensive ability will change to something else. I’m also considering allowing the Hot Air Balloon to share the Teggla Coil upgrade (call it Teggla Balloon or something) to add more firepower.

Bug Fixes

AI can no longer start research that is unavailable due to fort level being too low.

Projectiles being fired by enemy units now originate in the correct spot.

Miners improve the economy again.

The AI no longer evaluates a spawned Cannon Fodder the same as a regular Cannon Fodder.

The AI would almost never build Egg Cartons. This has been adjusted.

Other Stuff

An additional piece of battle music has been added.

The time a battle takes is displayed in the score screen.

The Savannah map now has a town to battle for.

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3 thoughts on “Aug 31 Build

  • Q

    Racial Integration is hilarious. Love those black vikings with red beards XD Still have to try the massed drakkar strategy. AI is getting better and is keeping pressure on me.

    • Eggs vs Humans Post author

      Thanks, I will fix the music problem!

      I don’t want the current AIs to be much stronger (maybe Hard will get a few tweaks). Everyone else who plays will be far less experienced, so the apparent difficulty will be much higher.

      There will be two additional difficulty levels, Very Hard and Unfair. Very Hard will be hopefully quite close to a human’s skill level; Unfair will be the same as Very Hard, except with a production bonus.