Aug 17 Build 2

The new units are powerful...if you invest enough resources into them.

The new units are powerful…if you invest enough resources into them.

Lots of stuff this week! Phew!

Tech Levels

Custom Games can now have a tech level selected. That just refers to which buildings and research are already complete. Level 0 is the “standard”, where you don’t start with any buildings or research completed. Select the highest tech level to get quick access to the new units!

New Units

The week introduces the Bacon Magus and Captain Cutlery. Both these units are conceptually similar. They’re not very good without upgrades, but extremely good at what they do at full power. Bacon Magi end up with massive damage output, and Captains Cutlery are almost untouchable with their attack and movement speed.

Bacon Magi start by flinging poisonous mushrooms. They can learn:

Mazh-rhûm’s Fungus Duplicator: Bacon Magi double the amount of mushrooms they toss at once.
Infernal Grill: Summon flaming charcoals from a barbecue grill.
Meatier Shower: Pummel enemies in a hail of meat.

Captains Cutlery start with very weak utensils. Upgrade them with the following:

Turret Upgrades: Each turret upgrade increases the damage of their utensils.
Cookbook for Dummies: Teaches the very basics of cooking, adding a small amount of Cooking damage to their attacks.
Cookbook for the Hopeless: In attempting to cook, CC’s accidentally learn to poison their cutlery.
Cookbook for Beginners: Utensils gain extra Cooking damage.

New Research

The Dairy Golem gets Pasteurization, which increases its health and makes it immune to poison.

The Oven gets Accelerated Heating, increasing its attack rate.


Scouting has been changed:

  1. There are four missions, Counterspy, Information, Sabotage, and Assassination. Counterspy specifically captures enemy Scouts. Information works like the Spy mission. The other two are the same as before.
  2. Missions are passive instead of actively having to be built.
  3. Missions are always successful; Espionage scores affect the frequency of mission completion.
  4. The scout positioning buttons have been replaced with scouting focus. After the player completes the Spy Agency, a scouting focus can be selected. That mission will be completed more frequently than usual.
Scouting Focus replaces the "scouting mission as building" system.

Scouting Focus replaces the “scouting mission as building” system.

There will still need to be some testing, and there will be some more tweaks.

An exploit was removed. If a player were sabotaged, the production could be cancelled and new production start right away. Now, the delay is unavoidable.


You can pause the game with P or Esc.

You cannot see how many diggers the enemy has until the cavern is mined all the way through. This adds some tension (and it makes sense…they’re underground!).

The tutorial has been removed for now.

Bug fix: if all your crew and scientists are killed, you will automatically be switched to the unit buttons. You could not switch back to units if you were viewing buildings or research and you didn’t have any crew or scientists left after an assassination.

Bug fix: towns controlled by a player now contribute to visibility.

Bug fix: if an enemy miner was assassinated, the displayed amount of miners was set to the friendly miner count instead of the correct number.

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2 thoughts on “Aug 17 Build

  • Q

    I like how Captain Cutlery is not too powerful. Melee units can still do very good damage to her. These latest units makes the Scientist more important in the scheme of things whereas before I was content with only 2 scientists. It’s very interesting that Captain Cutlery can go underground. That can be potent.

    • Eggs vs Humans Post author

      Thanks, I also Captain Cutlery is in a good place. She’s pretty much a Spoiled Brat on steroids. She’s also not very good in sieges since high level turrets two-shot her, encouraging some sort of unit mix.

      The Bacon Magus will be modified, though.