Assassination 4

A very important coding update.

I added a variable related to assassination and named it “ass” because it was a convenient abbreviation.

It did not take long to realize the repercussions. However, upon further review, there is no reason not to keep the name.

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4 thoughts on “Assassination

  • Eggs vs Humans Post author

    Not mining the desert was intentional! There will be maps where no cavern and/or no air is permitted as a way to add variety.

    For the hotkeys, ultimately I want them customizable. Using 4 and 5 to scroll does seem awkward, and I do plan on reconfiguring the default setup. Just not sure the best layout yet.

    The plan is to have multiple types of Chefs. Any units that you want to see returned from EvH1, let me know…the remaining units are not set in stone.

    The Spoiled Brat will play a different role than pure ranged damage. It will have an upgrade that gives it additional utility, but I’m uncertain of what it should be yet. Same with the Bacon Boxer, not sure what it should gain additionally. The goal with all the units is to make sure they have a useful function, don’t overlap roles too much, and don’t become obsolete too quickly.