April 27 Build 2

savannah funland

Link to the April 27 build!

More aesthetic than feature changes this time around.

Custom Game Screen

Custom menu has been changed to match the cartoony style of the troops.

The buttons do need to be changed for colorblind people. Selected buttons are colored, while deselected are greyscale. This seems elegant, but it will be too difficult to tell which button is selected for some people. Some sort of glow or border would be helpful.

Battlefield is prettier

Instead of the battlefield consisting of large, colored rectangles, there is now actual decoration and terrain! More improvements, like animation and layering, will come eventually, but are a lower priority.

The fort’s palisade wall better matches the overall style as well.

Multiple maps

Now there are maps of multiple sizes. The smallest one is exactly the size of the screen (800 pixels)…no scrolling needed at all. The original map is 1200px, and the large one is 1600px. It will take some experimentation to determine what the maximum and standard sizes should be.

Maps are able to have the cavern and/or air units disabled. In the desert map, the sands are far too deep to allow miners to work.


A font more suited to the personality of the game has been added. Further font experimentation probably forthcoming.


Scouts can now perform assassination missions, which randomly kill an enemy non-combat unit. Now you have to keep a closer eye on your economy…if your only scientist gets assassinated, all research stops until you train another one!

Fort upgrade

Your fort can be upgraded to level 2, making it tougher to tear down. It will also enable tier 2 units (which need to be started soon…)

To do

The Rollerballer upgrade suggested by Q. Also, the Ecobottle will be split into two upgrades.
The Roller Skater and Rum Guzzler have powerful, but long to research upgrades. By splitting their upgrades into two quicker to research parts, it should add flexibility and choice. The first Ecobottle upgrade might be only anti-air, while the range increase is an additional upgrade. This would allow an Eggish player to have some stopgap anti-air while allowing investment into other upgrades.

A minimap. With the bigger map introduced, it feels more necessary. Also haven’t had any additional units recently. Will try to add an additional unit for each side.

Tooltips for disabled buttons should show the prerequisites.

The cavern fighting and cavern unit arrangement is not working as intended.

Broad stuff
1. The final major feature that will shape the flow of the game.
2. Making a nice tutorial or tutorial campaign.
3. Figuring out the main campaign.
4. The file size is getting quite big, due to graphics. Need to work on reducing this (as of now, all files are saved as png’s)

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2 thoughts on “April 27 Build

  • Q

    Is there a way to see if the assassination was successful? Does the computer produce non-combat units? Are you going to do a Training Partner upgrade for Roller Skater so it creates 2 of them like EvH1? 🙂

    • Eggs vs Humans Post author

      Oh, I forgot about adding a message log! It will let you know what got assassinated or sabotaged (and when the computer’s spies have hit you!) Currently, missions are always successful.

      The computer will use assassinate and sabotage.

      The Training Partner upgrade probably won’t happen…having two units in the same place at the same time was much more valuable in EvH1 The Rollerballer upgrade will look awesome enough!