April 22 Build 2

Link to the April 22 build!


Your vision range is now limited–enemy units are not visible if they’re too far away! Air units can see farther than ground units. Keeping your army closer to the enemy fort can let you see the whole map anyway. Visibilities above ground and underground are not shared.


The final non-combat unit is the Scout. They have a few different functions:

1. Increase vision range.

2. Espionage missions. Once you build a Spy Academy, you can “build” scout missions. “Sabotage” is available now, which delays enemy production.

3. Counter-espionage. Eliminate enemy Scouts, meaning they can cause less mischief for you.

Scouts get their own Defend/Field/Attack commands, with different effects:

Defensive Scouting (counter-espionage) increases your chances of capturing enemy scouts and keeps your scouts safer. But your troops don’t gain any additional vision and can’t perform espionage.
Field Scouting gives your troops additional vision, and the rate of capturing enemy scouts is normal. Espionage missions are performed slowly.
Attack Scouting (infiltration) gives you vision of the whole map and missions are performed quickly. But your scouts are more easily captured, and it’s difficult for you to capture enemy scouts.

I’m uncertain that the vision range is that useful for the game. There’s one final major element that needs to be added before that determination is made. Even if vision range is removed, Scouts will still be useful for the espionage missions.

More Upgrades

There are several more upgrades available which are not unit-specific. Most of them are pretty generic (increase damage, increase armor, improve the turret, etc).

Eggsplosion is intended to increase the viability of Cannon Fodder, and give a more compelling reason to want the Drill Sergeant upgrade. Eggsplosion causes Egg Melee units to explode upon dying, dealing extra damage (right now, the Cannon Fodder is the only Egg melee unit). The Drill Sergeant upgrade has been improved to half the training time of Cannon Fodder.

The Field Medicine upgrade heals your units over time. The healing rate seems painfully slow, but this is intended. The original Eggs vs Humans was forced constant action. While Eggs vs Humans 2 gives you more control over when the action occurs, “turtling” is not intended to be viable. Field Medicine is intended to reward a player who won an engagement. If the winner’s units are hurt, the player has a couple choices: 1) let them regain some health before the next engagement and build non-combat units. 2) Suicide the hurt units to do extra damage and train fresh ones.

UI changes

The wheelbarrow in the Construction Crew icon changed from green to blue. This makes it more consistent with the other construction/building icons, which are also blue.

The order of non-combat units has been changed. This makes the order consistent with the economy icons (2nd position: scout, 3rd position: science, 4th position: construction)

Completed research and building icons are now a nice shiny gold instead of green.


As the number of options has increased, the strength of the AI has decreased. For the Mindless and Easy difficulties, it’s no big deal. But Normal needs to be able to handle certain situations better.

The AI doesn’t do any scout changes at all, just leaves them at default deployment. Some intelligence needs to be added.

The Normal AI did get marginal improvements and bug corrections (eg, it would try to research the same upgrade multiple times). But now the AI is technically cheating, because it always has full vision of the battlefield. Logic needs to be added for when it has limited vision.


At the start of a game, there are a lot of possible build orders, which may feel overwhelming. The finished game will have a tutorial that introduces units incrementally which will alleviate this somewhat. Something to keep an eye on.

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