April 13 Build 2

Link to the April 13 build!

The Cavern and Miners

The Cavern is now accessible! By training Miners, a player will be able to dig a path underground towards the enemy, opening up a second front to fight on.

Miners will also find gems as they dig. Gems slightly boost production (training, building, and research speeds).

Fighting underground is different from above ground. Due to the cramped conditions, troops move slowly in single file.

Each player now has a defensive turret, which will attack nearby enemies. This makes rushes less of an auto-win, and gives a better defender’s advantage.

Hopefully, this doesn’t mean rushes aren’t effective…the turrets don’t do a ton of damage, so rushes can still take a lot of HP off the fort walls, softening it up for later attacks.

Unit changes

The Frying Nun’s range has been decreased. This keeps it within turret range when it attacks forts, and resolves two issues: 1) The Nun’s ability to siege the enemy fort overlapped the Spoiled Brat’s role. 2) In the Human vs Human matchup, a Human player who was behind in Frying Nun count had a hard time catching up. Now, it’s possible to do so.

The Couch Potato’s HP have been increased. Also, the Obesity upgrade did not scale properly, and has been fixed.

Both the Frying Nun and Hot Air Balloon take slightly longer to build. The Spoiled Brat is slightly quicker to build.

AI changes

The AI no longer “cheats” by knowing exactly what commands you give your units.

The Normal AI will check if it needs anti-air units.

The AIs won’t queue up more than 2 units, so it will more rapidly respond to changing battle conditions.

UI changes

Two arrows have been added to the lefthand side, so players can order new units above or below ground.

Additional hotkeys have been added to army control buttons. The tooltips will mention the hotkey.

Unresolved bug

Something is wrong with the unit recycling. After 30+ units have been trained, units are sometimes not produced when they should be.

Upcoming changes

Additional upgrades will be added to early in the game.

The final non-combat unit needs to be added. This will be a major change, and I’m uncertain whether it’s a good idea. There’s an alternate idea if it doesn’t work out well.

It’s too easy to rush an enemy fort down with Hot Air Balloons. Some sort of adjustment will be needed, whether via AI improvement or unit changes.

We’ll be moving on to tier 2 stuff soon, as well.

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2 thoughts on “April 13 Build

  • Q

    Great so far. Love the tunneling. I never saw the need to get the Drill Sergeant upgrade for Cannon Fodders. I usually construct the Boxing Ring ASAP. Rum Guzzler with Eco Bottle upgrade is still my 1st priority.

    • Eggs vs Humans Post author


      Some more upgrades will be added to try to give more options, but it still feels like Ecobottle should be started really early. You’ll see with the next update!

      I’ve found the Hot Air Balloons to be way too problematic. Too easy to spam them and win.