Monthly Archives: May 2016

Version 0.1.2 and AI results

Download Version 0.1.2 (The Web version will not be updated for the foreseeable future, unless people start begging!) Fixes & Changes 1. Started the switch to deterministic, turn-based processing. 2. Bugs fixed (the ones I remember!): a. Rum Guzzler bottle can no longer splash air units if not upgraded. b. […]

Check that out...24 HP remaining!

Am I making the game I wanted to make?

One of my goals in Eggs vs Humans is to deemphasize the importance of speed and reflexes, making knowledge, smarts and strategy more important. A player that’s a brilliant strategist with mediocre reflexes should beat a middling strategist with great reflexes. For a game such as Starcraft, APM puts a […]

30 minutes a day

I’m slammed. Hammered. Defeated. EvH has taken a back burner. For my job, I’ve only had one day off since February 21. It’s crazy! However, I’ve made a determination to spend 30 minutes a day for 6 days a week doing something for Eggs vs Humans. It might be this […]