Monthly Archives: February 2016

The problems with the Yoga Freak

Bumping elbows In Eggs vs Humans, both factions will have access to 16 unique units. It’s cool to think of all the possibilities…OMG 16 units per side, all doing different things, that’s crazy! No, really, it’s crazy and possibly not tenable! Thinking back to RTS’s like Starcraft and Age of […]

Version 0.1.1 ready!

Downloadable Windows version Web version (Won’t work on Chrome or Edge. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera should be OK.) This version has two main changes: 1. The Cheese Grater and Egg Carton are now available. The Eggs get the Egg Carton. It doesn’t attack, but eventually spawns four Unstable […]

Floats aren’t exact, folks 1

I’ve gotten quite comfortable with working now, and the next two units are nearly ready. But there’s an unfortunate problem, which I had hoped would only affect optional, future features. Those ideas were multiplayer and a replay system. (This guy expressed confidence in the feature.) And I agree it would […]