Monthly Archives: May 2014

May 18 Build 2

New units and upgrades this week! Link to the May 18 build! New Units The Eggs get the Bacon Knight. It beats any ground unit head-to-head, but takes a while to train. It is also too large to use underground. The Bacon Regeneration and Field Medicine upgrades give him even […]

May 12 Build 2

The final major feature is now added. The new map, Cunudu, features controllable Towns. Link to the May 12 build! In this build, Towns only provide a small economy bonus. But eventually, you’ll be able to develop them with walls and turrets for defense, plus special buildings to improve your […]

The new player 2

Having missed out on Age of Mythology when it released, I made sure to pick it up this time around (re-release was on May 8). I can’t imagine how unfriendly AoM must feel for a new RTS player. The tutorial campaign was extremely brief, and the main campaign opened up […]

May 4 Build 4

The first tier 2 units have been added! They require a level 2 fort and their unit-specific building. Link to the May 4 build! New Units! Eggasus: A melee air superiority unit. It can’t attack ground or damage the enemy fort. But it’s wonderful for soaking up hits, protecting the […]

Assassination 4

A very important coding update. I added a variable related to assassination and named it “ass” because it was a convenient abbreviation. It did not take long to realize the repercussions. However, upon further review, there is no reason not to keep the name.