Monthly Archives: April 2014

April 27 Build 2

Link to the April 27 build! More aesthetic than feature changes this time around. Custom Game Screen Custom menu has been changed to match the cartoony style of the troops. The buttons do need to be changed for colorblind people. Selected buttons are colored, while deselected are greyscale. This seems […]

April 22 Build 2

Link to the April 22 build! Visibility Your vision range is now limited–enemy units are not visible if they’re too far away! Air units can see farther than ground units. Keeping your army closer to the enemy fort can let you see the whole map anyway. Visibilities above ground and […]

April 13 Build 2

Link to the April 13 build! The Cavern and Miners The Cavern is now accessible! By training Miners, a player will be able to dig a path underground towards the enemy, opening up a second front to fight on. Miners will also find gems as they dig. Gems slightly boost […]