April 13 Build 2

Link to the April 13 build! The Cavern and Miners The Cavern is now accessible! By training Miners, a player will be able to dig a path underground towards the enemy, opening up a second front to fight on. Miners will also find gems as they dig. Gems slightly boost production (training, building, and research […]

Update, some quick thoughts for me 2

Last Sunday, there was no new update as I did not put much time into the game. This next update will have some significant changes, including one of the new pieces of the game. Some issues and stuff to keep an eye on: The Eggs vs Eggs matchup: In any game, it should feel like […]

March 30 2

Click to play the March 30 build! Flying Units Both the Eggs and Humans get their first flying unit! The Eggish Hot Air Balloon has a powerful air-to-ground attack (when it hits). The Frying Nun can attack both air and ground, but does less damage. Both of the flying units have a hard time hitting […]

new units 0330

new units 0323

March 23 2

Click to play the March 23 build! Non-combat unit: Construction Crew Training at least one Crew will allow you to construct buildings. Buildings unlock new units. When Crews aren’t constructing buildings, they will automatically repair your fort. The more Crews you train, the faster (well, up to 30!). New Eggish combat unit: Bacon Boxer A […]

To worry or not to worry 5

On one hand, Eggs vs Humans is mainly for my own benefit. It’s not likely many people will see or play it. On the other hand, it’s always nice to get confirmation that other people think my work is decent. So, I do worry about how interesting and accessible it is. The majority of people […]

March 16 2

Progress as of March 16. Non-combat unit: Scientist The first of the four proposed non-combat units. Training at least one Scientist will allow you to research upgrades for your units. More scientists = faster research! Of course, spend too much time on scientists, and your army will be much smaller than the enemy’s! There’s only […]

New Build, March 9

Hooray, a new build is up! The Human faction is added with its first two units. Game starts with settings for a custom game. Player can now choose faction and AI intelligence An “Easy” AI has been added. A movable flag is now on the battlefield…just pick it up and drop it where you want! […]

evh2 units

Graphics and expectations 2

When it comes to graphics, my skills might be what you’d expect from a self-taught dabbler who doesn’t spend much time in the field. For Eggs vs Humans 1, I conceded that the game would look terrible, and sort of tried to justify it with “The premise of the game is silly; cartoony, simple graphics […]

Eggs vs Humans website & blog

A website and blog to track the progress of the second installment of Eggs vs Humans. Very exciting! Exciting for me, anyway.