Version 0.11 ready!

Downloadable Windows version Web version (Won’t work on Chrome or Edge. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera should be OK.) This version has two main changes: 1. The Cheese Grater and Egg Carton are now available. The Eggs get the Egg Carton. It doesn’t attack, but eventually spawns four Unstable Fodder instead. Unstable Fodder are […]

Egg Cartons let you get more units than normally allowed!


Floats aren’t exact, folks

I’ve gotten quite comfortable with working now, and the next two units are nearly ready. But there’s an unfortunate problem, which I had hoped would only affect optional, future features. Those ideas were multiplayer and a replay system. (This guy expressed confidence in the feature.) And I agree it would make sense! But there is […]

Version 0.1 Ready!

At long last, first Unity build is up! There’s both a web version and a downloadable Windows version. The web version won’t work on Chrome or Edge. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera are all supposed to be OK. To keep v0.1 as your very own, download it! Not all the features from the old […]

Brown vs Yellow Boxers duke it out in honor of v0.1!

It’s 2016…let’s get started!

Good news is that I’m quite close to posting the first Unity build that is worthwhile. Unfortunately, work is slamming me this month, and I won’t really have time until the weekend after next. But, I did want to talk briefly about some of the changes for the future. 1. Scouting missions. The espionage options […]

2015 was mostly a failure

Maybe the title is a bit strong. Maybe 2015 wasn’t really a failure, but it was disappointment. I wanted to be done with Eggs vs Humans, but it’s obviously not done (you would have seen a post or two about that!) I made the decision to switch from Flash to Unity, as it seems Flash […]

Yep, this could be my hands after carpal tunnel surgery sometime in 2016.

0812 rebuild

Screenshot of progress, just so I feel better about things

Over the past few months, my real job has been very time- and energy-consuming. Only over the last several weekends have I been able to make major headway. While rebuilding, I’m getting in some tweaks and changes. Here’s a screenshot of how the rebuild is going: You’ll notice each player has its own color. It’s […]

Finally starting the move

Work has taken so much time, that it’s been hard to get time for Eggs vs Humans. But I’m trying to balance life much better and things are finally moving! A few days ago, EvH in Unity has finally started. Over the last couple months, I wrote a small, incomplete game to get the hang […]

Moving Away 1

There hasn’t been an update in a month! Partly, it’s due to time issues…work has been more of a priority, and it has taken a lot of energy. But there’s a longer term issue, with Flash itself. Its security issues are well-known, and it’s hard to want to use a platform I have little faith […]

Jan 12 Build 4

It’s 2015, and for this year’s first update, the first peek at Tier 4 units is finally here! Click here to play the Jan 12 build New units The E.O.L.O. Rocket is a one-time explosive. Does great damage to walls and decent damage to clumped units. Its attack counts as melee, so it pairs quite […]

0112 unit featured

Dec 28 Build 2

This week’s build is just a few balance tweaks and fixes. Click here to play the Dec 28 build Early Game Changes Rum Guzzler projectiles can damage a maximum of two units Rum Guzzler projectile damage decreased from 8 to 7 Frying Nun hit points decreased from 36 to 33 Q brought up a valid […]