Jul 20 Build

Here’s the July 20 Build. Note: May notice performance decrease. On the to-do list. New map The new map, Whack Lumberjacks, features hostile Towns. They must be subjugated before you and the enemy meet (unless you decide to only fight underground!). Towns You can add buildings to a Town now. Three buttons will display below […]

Jul 6 Build 2

Besides building the framework for campaigns & tutorial, it was time to spice up the game by finally adding research for the tier 2 units and making some other tweaks. Here’s the July 6 Build. Unit/Research Changes Cannon Fodder: Base damage has been reduced. Drill Sergeant: Instead of decreasing build time, increases Cannon Fodder damage. […]

Jun 23 Build 2

The Jun 23 Build. Beginnings of a tutorial It’s planned to have a five map tutorial campaign. Right now, it’s just the first scenario. I’d rather have a shorter tutorial, but there are too many concepts to cover. There’s precedent for whole tutorial campaigns with Age of Empires. But that series is intended to be […]

new units 0608

Jun 8 Build 4

Lots of changes since last time! Click on the image to play the new build. New Units Most of these units are making their return from EvH1. Eggs Benedict: Quite different from the EvH1 version, now Eggish instead of Human. A ranged unit that deals cooking damage by firing globs of Hollandaise sauce. It’s not […]

May 18 Build 2

New units and upgrades this week! Link to the May 18 build! New Units The Eggs get the Bacon Knight. It beats any ground unit head-to-head, but takes a while to train. It is also too large to use underground. The Bacon Regeneration and Field Medicine upgrades give him even more survivability. The Humans get […]

new units 0518


May 12 Build 2

The final major feature is now added. The new map, Cunudu, features controllable Towns. Link to the May 12 build! In this build, Towns only provide a small economy bonus. But eventually, you’ll be able to develop them with walls and turrets for defense, plus special buildings to improve your construction and research speeds. Essentially, […]

The new player 2

Having missed out on Age of Mythology when it released, I made sure to pick it up this time around (re-release was on May 8). I can’t imagine how unfriendly AoM must feel for a new RTS player. The tutorial campaign was extremely brief, and the main campaign opened up tech/building options very rapidly. On […]

new units 0504

May 4 Build 4

The first tier 2 units have been added! They require a level 2 fort and their unit-specific building. Link to the May 4 build! New Units! Eggasus: A melee air superiority unit. It can’t attack ground or damage the enemy fort. But it’s wonderful for soaking up hits, protecting the Hot Air Balloons that will […]

Assassination 4

A very important coding update. I added a variable related to assassination and named it “ass” because it was a convenient abbreviation. It did not take long to realize the repercussions. However, upon further review, there is no reason not to keep the name.

savannah funland

April 27 Build 2

Link to the April 27 build! More aesthetic than feature changes this time around. Custom Game Screen Custom menu has been changed to match the cartoony style of the troops. The buttons do need to be changed for colorblind people. Selected buttons are colored, while deselected are greyscale. This seems elegant, but it will be […]